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Wooden Slide Scanner


third video! This time I’ve made DIY wooden scanner for slides.

I have houndreds photographs as slides at home. They were made with reversal film to make diapositives or diafilm. I hope I’ve got the terminology right 🙂 . Instead of negatives diapositives are in natural color. So there is no need to reverse color. But you need projector to show the pictues and I don’t have any.

So I made this wooden scanner for diapositives slides of dimmensions 50×50 mm to digitalize family photos with my smartphone. All you need is to make a box and put a light source to the bottom (I used LED stripes, but probably any other light source is good, except candle. Unless you want your photos burned…). Just be aware of heat. Between the light source and slides is room for some light difuser. Piece of paper is sufficent, but some semitransparent/white plexiglass would be better. Then insert your slides to slides holder and put your phone on the top of the box. Better camera better photos.

There must be some post editing (crop the image, color correction), but it’s not complicated. I digitalized my whole family photograph collection, then choose the best photos and let a professional photo laboratory to digitalize them in better quality.

I hope it can be useful to you. I guess you can use DSLR instead of smartphone for better results. I also guess it can be used for any slides if you tweak a holder for different dimmensions. Negatives shouldn’t be a problem, but I didn’t try that.

You can download the pattern for free if you click here or you can find it in patterns section in main menu.

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